Louisiana swamp waters
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About Chefs on Boats

This program is a unique and immersive educational experience where chefs and foodservice workers are exposed to the Louisiana and the Gulf Coast fisheries.

Using an interdisciplinary approach, this program explores our regional fisheries, including the people, waterways, vessels and environmental science that connects it all.

Participants learn about a variety of impacts to the resources required to source our beloved seafood recipes.

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Our expeditions explore habitats crucial to the various lifecycles of the most common species. "The buffet of our buffet" travels throughout rivers, tidal bayous, salt water marshes and into the Gulf. Many species rely on the convergence of the systems unique to coastal estuaries.

Measuring salinities, turbidity, observing local fauna and flora, participants are encouraged to ask questions and to think about how interconnected our ecosystems are.

Lower Mississippi River Delta / Breton Sound Basin Lower Plaquemines parish fisheries, restoration projects, and an exploration of the ever changing delta.

FUTURE SERIES: St. Bernard Delta

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Sustainable & Regenerative Sytems

Exploring these topics and how they are used throughout the food industry, we encourage participants to understand the dynamics behind these terms. Defining them and exploring their meaning from land & water to consumer trends and purchasing. We encourage questions and welcome input.

There are many indicators throughout the expeditions that demonstrate the ebb and flow of the systems that sustain Gulf fisheries.  Collaborating across disciplines, we work to understand various sectors' approach to sustainability and regeneration.

Chefs on boats

Who is eligible for Chefs on Boats cost-free expeditions?

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Professional Chefs

Chefs of all backgrounds are encouraged to participate. Private chefs, caterers, restaurant and hotel chefs alike, we encourage you to sign up as a team.

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Culinary Students

In coordination with local culinary schools and industry training programs, we bring this educational experience to the next generation of culinary leaders.

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Restaurant Staff

Dishwashers, prep cooks, line cooks, oyster shuckers, servers and bartenders, we encourage participation across "the house". Team signups are encouraged.

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